Jennifer Lawrence Reading Rob Ford’s Crack Statement Is Better Than Anything You’ll Buy On Black Friday

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jennifer lawrence catching fire screening ny 11.21.2013

Yesterday night, while you were watching a marathon of all the Friends Thanksgiving episodes and wondering how much pie is too much pie, late night talk shows were still going forth full speed. Although I know they aren't filmed live, I still like to picture the guests being suddenly dragged away from their families in the middle of an intense food coma. “No, Christina Aguilera. No more green bean casserole. You have to go on Jay Leno NOW! Work, work, work!”  Weird, imagined situations aside, the shows do have to go on. Rob Ford jokes can't make themselves, people! So on last night's Late Show, David Letterman rounded up some celebrities– Jennifer Lawrence, Martha Stewart, Jonah Hill, Vince Vaughn, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson— and had them read the Toronto mayor's now infamous crack statement.

As you can see, the reading was filmed in the style of a Ken Burns documentary– he'd done something similar with the Gettysburg Address where all five living presidents came together to recite a section. Obviously, Rob Ford's crack statement as read by Jennifer Lawrence and the gang is equally important and significant to us as a society. Rob Ford's words really resonate in a new way. We can really get a sense of the meaning behind the phrase “drunken stupor” when it's said in front of a wall of leather bound books. And when an impassioned Jesse Tyler Ferguson crosses his arms, we are made to truly understand the mind of a man caught between a crack rock and a hard place.

So, on behalf of the human race, I'd like to extend some big Thanksgiving thanks to Jennifer, Jonah, Martha, Jesse, and Vince. Thank you for opening our eyes to the man, the mystery, the mayor, Rob Ford. And for adding a not only hilarious, but also educational, viral video to our holiday weekends.

(Photo: PNP/WENN.com)