One Time Jennifer Lawrence Ripped Her Dress At The SAG Awards, So I Ripped All My Dresses

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Jennifer Lawrence Ripped Dress

Um, I think Jennifer Lawrence ripped her dress on her way to the stage to accept her best actress award at the 2013 SAG Awards. And I think I love her even more for it. 

Here's the rundown. She wins the award, she stands up and she starts hugging the Silver Linings Playbook cast. As she walks toward the stage, we see that her dress gets caught on a chair. Fast forward 15 seconds and we see that her dress now has a gaping hole in it. Now fast forward 1 second and we see the hole is gone. JUST GONE!

jennifer lawrence ripped dress

Within split seconds she fixed her broken dress, gave a stellar acceptance speech and made torn clothing in again. Seriously, I just checked Trendz.com/ritenow and saw that everyone's ripping their clothing. Why I'd be surprised if anyone shows up at work tomorrow without some sort of tear or hole in their outfit. We're talking about J.Law here — an actress who has Regina George levels of influences in young women's lives.

Just to be as up on the trend as possible, I just burnt a few holes into my nightgown. No one's going to accuse this blogger of going to bed without being runway ready. So in conclusion Jennifer Lawrence won her first SAG award, delivered an awesome speech and started a new fashion trend — all while being sick with pneumonia. 

What did you do tonight?

(Photo: @Buzzfeedceleb/ GIF: Tumblr)