Jennifer Lawrence Spotted Reading Mockingjay And Was All Like ‘Hold Up! Katniss Does What!?’

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Jennifer Lawrence Hunger Games Catching Fire CannesWhile spending a rom-com-montage day out in the park with her X-Men/Personal co-star Nicholas Hoult, Jennifer Lawrence got spotted reading Mockingjay. You know, the third book in the Hunger Games trilogy. This wouldn't be newsworthy for any other reason than the fact that she plays Katniss Everdeen IN ALL THREE MOVIES. We can only spend all our time today, huddled in a prayer circle, hoping that this isn't the first time she's opened the book. And I'm not saying this as a Mockingjay fan, I'm saying this as a non-Mockingjay fan. I'm one of the few people who thinks the trilogy only got worse as it went on.

While Hunger Games kept me up at night, Mockingjay barely kept me awake.I'm pretty convinced that Suzanne Collins wrote it in her sleep, because I don't know how else to explain away the laziness of it all. After spending two books building up this amazing plot, she kills the momentum with her 900 pages of “then Katniss whined, then Katniss moaned, then Katniss fell asleep during the climax of the novel.”

I can only assume that the following was Suzanne Collins' thought process when writing this horrible brick of a book.

“Okay, here's what will happen when Katniss gets knocked out during the big fight scene: everything. Despite bringing readers on a billion page journey to get to this moment, I've decided to cover it using tell not show. Oh wait, did I get that backwards? I did, didn't I? I was supposed to show, not tell. Oh well, it's already going to be a movie anyways. Scratch that, two movies. Mwhahaha”

Hence you can see my concern with the fact that J.Law's just reading this now. If it's her first reading of the book, she'll surely hate it as much as I did. Then she'll back out of the project and will get replaced with someone like Brooklyn Decker or a sock puppet or Miley Cyrus and everything will be ruined. Then again, maybe I'm getting ahead of myself here. Perhaps she'll hate the ending so much that she'll force the movie producers to change it to something that makes sense. As someone who liked the movie far more than the book — because we can all agree that the plot's far better than the writing — this would be a very welcome change. I'm usually on Team #SticktoTheBook, but in the case of this trilogy I think changes can only improve it.

So in conclusion, read on Jennifer Lawrence. Then, when you're done, let's compare notes on how we can make Mockingjay One: OoooOO Money and Mockingjay Two: Let's Make More Money better movies.

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