J.Law Talks About Giving Paps Antifreeze In Their Coffee, Manages To Make Poisoning Someone Endearing

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Jennifer Lawrence eats candy necklace during interview

On the slight chance that you woke up this morning and got nervous that you ran out of Jennifer Lawrence interviews to watch, we've got you covered. As part of the Catching Fire “Jen and Josh are Just Friends Tour,” Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson sat down with Clevver News to talk about murder. Okay, finnnneee, you caught me. The interview didn't start off with murder.  It started off with the normal Catching Fire convo that we're all so addicted to hearing. The light, happy fun stuff that makes us forget that the story's all about a nationally televised fight to the death. Yeah, remember that? I often don't. The interviews are always so fun that I get it in my head that it's a rom-com that happens to be set in a dystopian wasteland.

It's after the Catching Fire conversation that we get into the darker stuff. When Miriam asks the not-couple-couple about their worst paparazzi experiences, Jennifer Lawrence talks about how this one guy brought a date to stalk her at her house. Then had the audacity to give her the finger when she interrupted their romantic night. Miriam's all, “want to send him a message in case he's watching?” and Jen gets all serious and is like, “Yeah I'm going to bring him a cup of coffee with some anti-freeze.” Which is a thing that doesn't at all sound completely planned and ready to go the next time she sees him. Miriam laughs, and then after a few seconds Jen does too.  It's a “Ha.Ha” laugh though — which everyone knows means she's not really laughing. It's a step up from LOL, but several steps down from “hahahahaahha.”

But since it's Jen, we're all totally into it. And yes, I'm speaking of your behalf too. You and I both know that she would manage to make murder into a funny anecdote. “Then, I tripped on my way into the store to buy the antifreeze and was like zoinks and then was like who says that….” Don't believe me? Watch this interview and tell me that I'm wrong.

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