Woman Spends $25K On Plastic Surgery To Look Like J-Law, Still Can’t Fool Josh Hutcherson

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Good afternoon, beautiful readers! Did I mention you look beautiful today?  Because you do. Even though it’s Monday—a highly suspect time for me to feel not-quite-my-most beautiful self—you’re still beautiful. And smart, funny, and witty, too. Feeling good about yourself? Perfect, now I can get to the news.

A 30-year-old woman from Texas named Kitty spent $25,000 on six plastic surgery procedures to make herself look more like Jennifer Lawrence, according to a report by ABC News.  The report also follows another woman who has work done to look more like Michelle Rodriguez.

In general, I’m all for doing what you want with your own body. I get that if you’re unhappy with something about yourself, you either to learn to live with it or you change it, and there’s no shame in either decision. Plus, in the case of these two women, it really does seem as if they were motivated by their own desires and not pressured by someone else. Kitty’s husband actually says he doesn’t particularly care for Jennifer Lawrence.

Still, the idea that someone would take such drastic measures (and spend so much money) to look like a different woman who has an entire beauty team ensuring she looks perfect feels really, really wrong. To me, it’s just another example on an already very long list of the negative effects that the glitz and glam of Hollywood has on the self esteem of us regular people—especially women.

Because we’re bombarded with magazine photos and TV interviews and countless other images of drop-dead gorgeous stars every day, it’s so easy to feel as if what we have isn’t good enough—even though it’s common knowledge that most everything we see in Hollywood is fake. It’s plastic surgery. It’s photo shop. It’s fake hair, fake teeth, fake nails, and lots and lots of make-up. We know this. We know this and yet, there’s still this horrible voice that says we’re supposed to look just like that, too.

Of course, there are some celebrity females (and many, many more outside of Hollywood I might add), who are naturally drop-dead gorgeous. And for those women, we all know there’s a special place in hell waiting for them. Just kidding. For those women, there are probably still many days when they don’t feel that great about themselves, either, and they struggle with the same insecurities that we all do.

So, whoever you are, whatever kind of day you’re having, just remember (or say it with me this time): You are beautiful. You’re smart, funny, and witty and perfect just as you are. Happy Monday!

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