Jennifer Lawrence Does Wonderful Carmen Sandiego Tribute At The Airport

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jennifer lawrence hat

Oh Jennifer Lawrence! The Silver Linings Playbook actress just never stops acting. Even when she's dealing with the chaos of travel, she's delighting us with her wonderful character sketches. Take this Carmen Sandiego thing she went for while traveling to London for the 2013 Bafta Awards this weekend. She's nominated for a leading actress award and she's showing us off the bat just how much she deserves it.

Her look's fun, it's flirty and it's fierce. It's essentially everything that we're currently seeing on the runways right now. Seriously google “Fashion Week 2013” and you'll see nothing but purple hats for miles.

jennifer lawrence london

While she's not wearing Carmen's signature red trench coat and red hat, she's clearly paying tribute to the world's most famous missing woman. It's not the most literal interpretation  but I think we all know that Jen's not the most literal person (*cough* Meryl Streep comment that got horribly misinterpreted *cough*). And I for one LOVE IT. Most celebrities go through the airport wearing mundane disguises. Big sunglasses, baseball hats and hoodies. But not our J.Law. Nope she goes incognito in the best way possible.

Jennifer lawrence 2013

Well not the best way possible. I personally prefer Harriet the Spy over Carmen Sandiego, but that's just because I've always dreamed of living in a house with a dumbwaiter. And a nanny. But as far as espionage goes, I'll take either lady.

Now the question is if she'll stay in character for her entire stay in London or she'll do something new and fun on the red carpet Sunday night. I guess we'll have to fly to London this weekend, buy some marked-up Bafta tickets and find out!

(Photos: PacificCoastNews.com)