Jennifer Lawrence Gets Photoshopped Into Someone Who Only Kinda Looks Like Jennifer Lawrence

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jennifer lawrence entertainment weekly cover catching fire

The biggest perk of being Jennifer Lawrence's number one stalker is that I know what she looks like. So that's why the cover of Entertainment Weekly this week made me do an immediate double take. I mean, I know it's Jennifer Lawrence posing up there. But only based on context clues; such as fact that the words “Catching Fire” are scrawled across her body. Not because the person who I assume they want us to think is Jennifer Lawrence looks anything like her. Okay, that's a lie. They do have a vague resemblance — as in they maybe share a mutual father. Or a great-grandmother. Perhaps an ancient ancestor with strong genes?

Sure, sure, I can already hear you naysayers out there, I know she's in Katniss Everdeen mode here for Catching Fire. But still, can we all agree that something looks off? Especially since we know what the Girl on Fire looks like when she's all gussied up to look like Katniss. (Spoiler alert: like a badass.)

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It's almost like the photoshopper (photoshoppist? photoshopologist?) got caught up in a creative spell and decided to experiment with other people's features. You know, just to see what it looked like.

“I know!” he said as he rubbed his hands together, “I'll put Ashley Tisdale's nose on Jennifer Lawrence's face! Yes, that is exactly what I'll do. Then I'll take the life out of her eyes and submit it! Then I'll turn off my phone, get in the tub and read Peenis fan fiction.”

And honestly, if this cover is not the result of a photoshopper gone rogue then it's most surely the result of black magic. There's nothing else that can explain why Jennifer Lawrence looks so little like Jennifer Lawrence.