I Could Listen To J.Law’s Parents Talk About J.Law All The Live Long Day

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Jennifer Lawrence Childhood Photos Father

While Jennifer Lawrence mania's certainly died down a bit since the award show days when we all truly believed that she'd jump at the chance to be our best friend, I still love her. I've just now accepted that it will only be a one way love. She will never text me and ask me to get  fro-yo on a lazy afternoon and she'll never call me after a crazy night and be all like “um what happened to us and why do I have a martini shaker in my purse?” and she'll never look me in the eyes while pricking her finger and ask me to be her blood sister. And I'm cool with that.  Totally 100% fine. It's not like I don't have my own friends. Who are almost as cool in a completely different non-famous way.

I'll just keep admiring her from afar by watching interviews like this one that her parents,  and her brother did with a local Louisville TV station this week. They're not only proud of her for accomplishing so much as an actress, but also proud of her for remaining so grounded and polite. Nothing makes her father Gary Lawrence happier than when make-up people come up to him and tell him that Jennifer's a nice girl. In fact he jokes that when he stops hearing that, they'll know that they have a problem on their hands.

But after hearing how normal her parents are about her success — as in they're not pitching their own reality show called Livin' With The Lawrences — I'm starting to get the feeling that Jennifer's never going to lose that  she-could-be-my-best-friend vibe that's made her so famous. Especially when her brother Blaine Lawrence jokes that he works hard to remind her that she's not as cool as everyone thinks she is. (Even though we all saw just how cool he thought she was when he lifted her up after her Oscar win.)

Jennifer Lawrence Family Hike February 2013

And it sounds like that message hits home, because her parents say that when she's back in Louisville, she's back to her non-famous self. She's so her non-famous self at home that she has no problem hitting her dad up for money to go to the movies. And she still enjoys spending time at the Louisville camp that her parents own. Just doing camp activities like building bonfires, going fishing and riding horses. You know normal things, that famous people and non-famous people can both do.

As always, it's refreshing to hear that she hasn't let fame go to her head, and neither have her parents. Sure they enjoyed going to the Oscars this year, but they said they enjoyed their pre-Oscars paparazzi-free family-only hike that they did on Big Sur even more. It's like they're a real life loving family! If only every young Hollywood star came with the same set of parents, we wouldn't be dealing with the neverending Law & Order episode that's become LiLo's life.

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