Jennifer Lawrence Admits To Doing A Shot Before Giving The Best Oscars Interview Ever

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Jennifer Lawrence Oscars trip

Just like Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lawrence cannot be tamed. The 2013 Best Actress Oscar winner shined as bright as always in a post-Oscars interview that reminds us just why we hate the media. As usual, reporters are given an opportunity to ask any question they want. Any question! Can you imagine if someone handed you a microphone and said you'd be able to speak with Jennifer one-on-one for 30-seconds.

You'd not only mange to squeeze all your contact information into your question, but you'd also ask something worthwhile. Like “do you want to do brunch next Saturday so we can speak in a more private setting about Bradley Cooper — and the similarities and differences between the sex dreams we've both had about him. Because in mine, he really liked to serenade me with Baha Men before we, you know, and it was different, but oddly refreshing. How about you”

However the few reporters who got lucky enough to ask her questions stuck to the blah and routine. Luckily for us, J.Law answered them all with an extended duh and her signature bluntness. While in the middle of explaining how she got ready for the show, she admitted to taking a shot before the interview. Shot or no shot, I loved how she explained the preparation process to the person who asked. Because it's essentially the same way anyone gets ready. Get showered, get dressed, get make-up on. Like, hello, what do you think her answer will be? Calling in her team of trained mice and squirrels to help sew her a dress?

But as much as I enjoyed that answer, let me sum up my favorite exchange for you:

Reporter: Jennifer, a lot of people think you're winning too much, too soon. Like, you're going to regret winning that Oscar that you're holding in your hand. Do you think you're peaking?

Jennifer: Um, I mean, I hope not.

Like, why would you ask that. What would her answer be besides an optimistic “I hope not.” She's 22-years-old. Did he really think she'd say, “yes Bob, this is it. After tonight you'll never see me again. Well unless you watch that new celebrity diving show. Then you'll see me. Because the second I leave this interview, I'm officially a has-been.”

WTF media. I hope you start actually thinking before speaking next time you interview J.Law. Unlike most actresses, she's not going to give you the pre-packaged answers that you want for your headlines. That's why I love her and that's why I hope she never changes.

Annndddd, it's also why I hope she starts noticing a lot of Google Alerts coming in from this site and shoots me a quick email to set something up. Like an interview or a long-term friendship. I'm totally cool with an either/or situation.

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