Jennifer Lawrence And Nicholas Hoult Have An Adorable Relationship Even Broken Up

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**EXCLUSIVE** Jennifer Lawrence enjoys her last few days off with boyfriend Nicholas Hoult before embarking on a "Hunger Games" tour throuthroughout the US If there's one thing I love, it's learning lessons in maturity from twenty-something billionaires two and three years my junior, so I can't get enough of ridiculously amicable ex-couple Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult. After meeting on the set of X-Men: First Class in 2010, they dated for two years starting in January of 2011 and breaking up last month, in January of 2013. To put it in perspective, I wrote about the breakup forty-seven days ago, so that wound should still be pretty fresh. At least it would be if it were my wound that reporters were rubbing salt in on the red carpet by asking me questions about my famous, Oscar-nominated ex. But when Nicholas was asked how he felt about Jennifer winning the Oscar he said he was ‘very proud' of her and ‘really excited' to start filming with her and the rest of the cast again on the newest X-Men movie.

Ugh. GOD, guys. Stop being so amicable and adorable and stuff. You're revolutionizing the celebrity breakup. Nicholas, don't you realize that you're only 23-years old? I'm 25, and my reaction in a situation like that one would still probably go a little something like this:

Reporter: Alexis, instead of asking you about your newest project, we want to ask you about your ex-boyfriend of to years, Ryan Gosling, whom you've recently broken up with. He is now nominated for an Oscar and on the cover of every magazine ever. Tell us how you feel about that.

Alexis: I will not.

Reporter: Now come on, Alexis, it was a whole twenty days ago and our readers are very curious.

Alexis: Idunwannatalk at you. Don't follow me to the laundromat, don't go in my house, don't axe me queshtuns. I'm drunk and sad and I'ma tryan put my mouth on your mouth. Issa nice kiss, say thank you.

Reporter: But —

Alexis: Get outta my life you big buncha shitbiters, I have ten cupcakes to eat. (SOB.) I'm sahhhhhrrryyyy!

While extremely useful at dispelling reporters, this is not a particularly mature or appropriate way to go about one's life, which is why I'm that much more impressed by JLaw and NHoult (?) for handling this so well. But seriously Ryan I'm lost without you, please come back.

(Images: Gaz Shirley / Pacific Coast News)