Jennifer Lawrence’s People Are Smartly Using Hunger Games Buzz To Promote Her Next Movie House At The End Of The Street

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Jennifer Lawrence House at the End of the Street first look photo The Hunger Games

With The Hunger Games setting box office records this weekend, the fandom is already eagerly looking forward to the sequel Catching Fire. But since that doesn't come out til November 22, 2013 — I know, I'm tearing up at the thought — Hollywood is adjusting its perspective to discuss star Jennifer Lawrence‘s next chronological project, the thriller House at the End of the Street.

Their strategy comes as no surprise, since “Jennifer Lawrence” was trending on Twitter over the weekend, and is still a hot search topic. If you can believe it, Jennifer is even more popular than she was in the lead-up to the movie. Still, we're impressed that already we're hearing about her upcoming, non-dystopian projects.

That's the first official image from House above, with Jennifer's character having obviously just witnessed something bloodcurdling. All that director Mark Tonderei told EW was, “She’s basically managed to get into Max’s house, waiting for his character, and she’s made a discovery there about his family and is trying to hide before her presence is detected.”

No trailer has been released, but we do know the official synopsis: Elissa (Jennifer) and her mother Sarah (Elizabeth Shue) move into a new neighborhood, only to learn that years before in the house next door, a girl murdered her family and left behind her brother Ryan (Max Thieriot, from our Crushable 25 Up-and-Comers list). Elissa gets involved with Ryan, which leads to the uncovering of grisly secrets or some other bad shit.

Jennifer was never going to be a one-note actress, like you might accuse Kristen Stewart of in the Twilight movies. Jennifer got the part of Katniss after her Oscar-nominated starring role in the indie drama Winter's Bone, and though she'll spend the next few years adapting Catching Fire and Mockingjay, they likely won't be her career-defining films.

Jennifer has already shown impressive turns in indie films like The Beaver and Like Crazy, and though she shot House before The Hunger Games, she's obviously kept room in her schedule for other projects. According to her IMDb page, she's lined up projects like the comedy The Silver Linings Playbook and the Depression-era period drama Serena. In the meantime, House at the End of the Street comes out September 21, 2012.