Jennifer Lawrence And Natalie Dormer Kissed Last Night, If That Interests You

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Jennifer Lawrence and Natalie Dormer Kissed Last Night  If That Interests You Jennifer Lawrence Natalie Dormer kiss gif

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 is coming out November 20. That’s the same day as Adele’s album, so you might want to clear your schedule to make time for freaking out. Speaking of freaking out, that’s exactly what Jennifer Lawrence did last night on the red carpet for the movie’s London premiere after she accidentally kissed her co-star Natalie Dormer on the lips.

Here’s how it happened. Natalie was giving an interview. Jennifer, who had just finished her own interview right next to her, decided to lean over and say hello before walking away. It looks like she intended to give Natalie a quick peck on the cheek, but I guess Fate was really in the mood to see two hot blonde actresses kiss, because Natalie turned her head at the perfect time and angle for their lips to touch. And yes, Natalie was in the midst of licking her lips at the time, so technically I think we can call this a French kiss. Ooh la la!

After recovering from the initial shock of this momentous event, Jennifer laughs and says, “We just kissed on camera… and I liked it.” We’re so lucky Katy Perry released that song seven years ago. Without it, what the hell would we reference whenever two ladies kissed? That Jill Sobule song of the same name from more than ten years earlier? Pfft, as if.

If this video were a VHS tape from Blockbuster, 2:05 to 2:20 would be significantly more worn out than the rest. That is to say, if you want to see the kiss and skip the rest of the cast interviews and tidbits about the movie, that’s when you should watch. But when you’re done with that, you should also skip to 3:18, when the interviewer informs Natalie, “You’ve got a bit of Jennifer Lawrence on your face,” and then Natalie replies, “I’ll get Jennifer Lawrence off my face.” What a time to be alive.

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