The Douches Of 4chan Are Encouraging Women To Share Naked Photos In Support Of J.Law

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Jennifer Lawrence attending X Men premiere party May 2014

By now you've most likely heard the news that alleged nude photos of several female celebrities have been posted online due to phone hacking. Some of the victims, like Ariana Grande, have denied the photos' authenticity. Jennifer Lawrence's reps, however, have condemned this as a “violation of privacy.” But that's not stopping the people of the Internet from being trolling douches about the whole thing.

According to Buzzfeed, members of 4chan, the website where the photos seem to have first been published, tried to use the leak to encourage women to post their own naked photos online, under pretense of it being in “solidarity” with J.Law. One anonymous user called it the “worldwide trolling of a lifetime” and explained that “hundreds of thousands of girls” (wow, talk about delusional) would post nude photos of themselves to social media while holding up signs reading “Solidarity for Jennifer.” They further explained that it should seem like a way to “combat the patriarchal savagery of men on the internet.” I believe what we have here is an example of irony.

Some users even tried to get the hashtag #LeakForJLaw going by creating fake Twitter accounts and posting photos of nude women. However, the trend hasn't exactly caught on, and the hashtag is largely being used to criticize or mock the attempt. For instance, some men have shared topless photos of themselves as a joke, while other users have predicted that it's 4chan trolling:

So apparently it's not enough to steal someone's private photographs and spread them around the Internet. Why stop there when you can use the leak to get even more naked photos out of it? Because boobs. It's stuff like this that really causes an unhealthy drop in my faith in humanity levels.

(Photo: Dennis Van Tine / Future Image / WENN.com)