Jennifer Lawrence Reveals She Embarrasses Herself in Front of Celebrities and Normals Alike

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Jennifer Lawrence Tonight Show November 2015

Last night Jennifer Lawrence appeared on The Tonight Show, where she and host Jimmy Fallon bonded over their shared tendency to fall over. Jennifer revealed that she's so worried about people thinking clumsiness is just her shtick that she had an unnamed talk show edit out her stumble when she walked out to greet the audience… and then told the story on another talk show so we all still know the stumble happened. But we're not here to talk about Jennifer's falls. We're here to talk about the two other embarrassing stories she told Jimmy.

Turns out Jennifer embarrasses herself in front of all types of people, both famous and non-famous. Although in the case of one of these stories, she thought the (presumably, but not certainly) non-famous person was actually a famous one, which complicates things a bit. She explains that she was at a party during award season a couple of years ago when an older woman approached her. Jennifer apparently doesn't keep up with the headlines about celebrity deaths, because she thought the woman was Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor, who had in fact passed away before the encounter in question. She doesn't say who the lady actually was, and she probably doesn't even know, since she took off running as soon as she realized her mistake.

Jennifer's second embarrassing story involves flashing her thong to acclaimed director Francis Ford Coppola. She makes it clear that it was definitely the real Francis Ford Coppola and not someone she thought was Francis Ford Coppola, but I'm personally having a hard time trusting her understanding of what celebrities look like from her previous story, so I'll take this with a grain of salt. I'll also take the thong part with a grain of salt, because I just can't imagine walking around with my ass hanging out of my dress and not being acutely aware of it. But that's just me.