Miley Cyrus And Jennifer Lawrence Hooking Up Is So Crazy It Could Be True

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Jennifer Lawrence Miley Cyrus hook up lesbian Liam Hemsworth blind itemI love it when blind items are so outlandish as to be basically fan fiction. Before this morning, I thought that only on Tumblr or FanFiction.net would I read an account of Jennifer Lawrence hooking up with Liam Hemsworth‘s fiancé Miley Cyrus. But now a new blind item hints at this forbidden sapphic romance:

These two young stars costarred in one of the biggest movies of the year (1) and everyone speculated that they had an affair (2). But that’s only half right. The female lead DID have an on set fling – but not with her costar – with her costar’s GIRLFRIEND when she came to visit (3)! Ironically, the girlfriend is also a major star (4) but she wouldn’t let her hunky boyfriend join in the fun. Both women are bisexual (5) and he’s straight.

The commenters on BlindGossip seem unanimously united in it being Liam, Jen, and Miley, but we're not content just to throw some names out there. We've taken apart the item sentence-by-sentence (with helpful numbers for your reference) and have convinced ourselves that Jen and Miley have a love that can not be named.

1. I know we're halfway through 2012, but come on—short of The Avengers, nothing was more hyped than The Hunger Games. Also, everyone in The Avengers is too old for this kind of bullshit.

2. Of course there were plenty of fans who wanted to see the Katniss/Gale romance translate off-screen. Any rumors of Jen and Liam hooking up were quickly deemed false since both seemed so committed to Miley and Nicholas Hoult, respectively. However, Jennifer was the focus of at least one blind item: People thought that she might have been hooking up with Woody Harrelson or Wes Bentley.

3. Much as the fans hated it, Miley tweeted photos of herself reading the book, and I feel like every few weeks there was a story about her jetting down to North Carolina to surprise Liam.

4. Yep, Miley is one of today's biggest stars thanks to her Hannah Montana fame and Twitter following.

5. If you Google “Is Miley Cyrus bisexual?”, you get plenty of Yahoo! Answer threads obsessing over her sexuality. On the more legitimate end of the spectrum, last year she jokingly switched the lyrics of “Fly on the Wall” to say she was flirting with girls, and allegedly kissed a female dancer while performing “Can't Be Tamed.” Furthermore, Crazy Days and Nights claimed that Miley experimented with one of her lesbian co-stars while filming a movie in 2010.

Jennifer Lawrence Miley Cyrus hook up lesbian Liam Hemsworth blind item

The only thing that keeps me from fully believing this is that Jennifer seems way too classy to be fooling around with her co-stars' significant others. But Miley Cyrus experimenting with Liam's female co-stars? That half of the story I buy.

Photos: Sean Thorton/WENN.com and @mileycyrus