If Jennifer Lawrence Really Told Justin Bieber He’s Cute, Let’s Go Ahead And Throw Out All Faith In Humanity

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Jennifer Lawrence attending Vanity Fair and Armani party for Cannes Film Festival May 2014

Earlier this week we heard the report that Jennifer Lawrence had met Justin Bieber at a party during the Cannes Film Festival… on purpose. As in they didn't happen to both reach for the same pizza bagel (what I assume they serve at fancy celebrity parties), bump into each other, and introduce themselves out of politeness. Jennifer apparently requested to meet him. Once again, on purpose. And according to the latest reports about the encounter, things got even worse from there.

The ever-trusty Hollywood Life is reporting that, according to witnesses, Jennifer was “dying to meet” the Biebs during the party. And I'm dying to know how anyone would ever be dying to meet Justin Bieber, for any other reason than to force him to wear a belt. But that's not all. Jennifer also apparently said she was a “big fan” and that she thinks he's “cute.” Excuse me while I bleghhh.

Look, I know a lot of us have already become disillusioned with Jennifer Lawrence, and even Jennifer Lawrence has said she's over Jennifer Lawrence. But I still had more confidence in her than to think she'd find Justin Bieber cute, let alone tell him that to his face, let alone want to meet him in the first place. She's always telling stories about being starstruck around her fellow celebrities and trying to impress them (J.Lo, for instance), but you gotta draw the line somewhere. Celebrities are cool and all, but some of them are just the worst. Mostly Justin Bieber. So reign in that in, okay J.Law?

Of course Hollywood Life is taking this a step further and reminding us that wink wink, nudge nudge, Selena Gomez is out of the picture now and Bieber's making his way through the ladies, but we probably shouldn't be worried because Jen and Nicholas Hoult seem really in love, and she wouldn't do anything to compromise that. RIGHT? RIGHT?? Ugh, don't do this to me.

(Photo: Ian Gavan / Getty Images Entertainment)