Jennifer Lawrence Killed It At The GLAAD Awards Last Night By Flubbing Bill Clinton’s Intro

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Jennifer Lawrence GLAAD Awards 4-20-13

Just because the hysteria of Oscar season has died down does not mean that our hysteria over Jennifer Lawrence has dissipated in the least.  Our BFFAE (that's “best friend forever and ever,” in case you were wondering) was on-hand with Harvey Weinstein and a buttload of other celebrities last night to celebrate the GLAAD awards.

L.Law and H.Wein were in charge of presenting President Bill Clinton with the first “Advocate for Change” award.  They had an adorable schtick going for over four minutes, making fun of Jennifer's Oscar acceptance — “I fell on my face” — and the fact that she was only two when “Bill Clinton played the sax on Arsenio Hall.”  Which might either explain or at least excuse the fact that when the time finally came to introduce President Clinton, J. Law totally fucked it up with an endearing stutter.  Below is a video of the entire intro, but you can find her flub at the 4:17 mark.

Hey, if William Jefferson Clinton can excuse it, so can we.  Plus, how cute is her new haircut?  I can't wait to print out pictures of it from every angle and make a salon appointment this week!  BFFAE…AE…AE.

(Photo: WENN)