Jennifer Lawrence Dating Justin Bieber Would Be The Best And Worst Thing To Ever Happen

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Jennifer Lawrence Dating Justin Bieber Would Be the Best and Worst Thing to Ever Happen Justin Bieber hey girl black and white GIF gif


The first thing I want to say in this post is don’t worry. That title may have caused you to fear the worst, but there is currently no evidence that Justin Bieber and Jennifer Lawrence are actually dating. Rather, there are just a couple of interview quotes and scoops from anonymous sources that have caused certain parts of the Internet to speculate that maybe these two have the potential to get together at some point. To which I reply with a strange mixture of intrigue and horror.

It all started when, in a recent interview with Capital FM, Bieber was tasked with answering “To bae or not to bae?” to a series of famous ladies. One of those ladies was Jennifer Lawrence. Bieber replied, “Bae for sure. She’s so sexy. She’s unbelievable. She’s so cute.” So we have an enthusiastic two thumbs up from Bieber, but that doesn’t mean Jen feels the same way. OR DOES SHE?Jennifer Lawrence Dating Justin Bieber Would Be the Best and Worst Thing to Ever Happen Jennifer Lawrence shrugging GIF gif


Well, according to HollywoodLife, she does. They learned from an “insider” (How does one become an insider? Are there club meetings? Do you have to pay dues?) that Jennifer would possibly maybe perhaps be up for going out with the Biebs:

“Jennifer is totally a Bieber fan, she loves him and thinks he’s hot. She’s happy it’s mutual. You never know, a date could happen, she’s single and so is he, why not?”

Why not? Well, there’s the fact that, while I don’t always have the most positive things to say about either of them, they inhabit two very different portions of my brain’s celebrity database. They’re like two circles on a Venn diagram that I just can’t interlock no matter how hard I try. They just clink together without overlapping.

Then I remembered that this isn’t even the first time we’ve heard about Jen’s alleged attraction to Bieber, and I just sat staring into space for a few minutes. While the idea of these two getting together mildly horrifies me, it also kind of fascinates me. What if all this time the term “belieber” was just a sign that Jen and Justin would one day be Lieber? #MindBlown