J.Law Gives Josh Hutcherson The Finger In The Middle Of An Interview And Other Romantic Things

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On the slight chance that you missed the memo, Catching Fire comes out in two weeks. TWO WEEKS! As someone who's been wearing a wetsuit out of solidarity since they started filming the movie, this is a big deal. Maybe even the biggest deal. While two weeks feels like infinity weeks, I'm getting prepared by binge-watching every single cast interview that's out there right now. And, as of a few days ago, there are a lot.

But considering that I'm currently auditioning for the role of Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence's sister wife, it works out great for me. After all an ancient proverb that I recently got tattooed on my inner thigh does say, “thou who stalkest the celebrities the hardest is thy most likliest to get cast on a TLC reality show withest them.” Okay fine, it's not an ancient proverb. Just the tagline for a Xanga I launched in 2002 called “I Hope I Never Regret Wearing Blue Eyeshadow In Public and Other Musings Of Someone More Tragically Awkward than Pepper Ann.”

As part of their press tour for Catching Fire (and not my sister wives fantasy), J.Law and J.Hutch spoke with PopSugar about the movie, and much more importantly, each other. While I know they're not really dating, they have some of the best chemistry I've ever seen. And guys, I watched Cory and Topanga fall in love when I was still in my Limited Too training bra, so I know chemistry when I see it. Oh and before you ask, Jennifer Lawrence really does give Josh Hutcherson the middle finger. But in the most romantic “get a room already” way possible.

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