J.Law Calls Jon Stewart Out On Being Unprepared For Her Interview, And It’s More Amazing Than It Sounds

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Jennifer Lawrence Jon Stewart interview

Believe it or not, but today is the day the day that Catching Fire finally premieres for us normals! While you're reading this sentence, millions (maybe billions) of people are sitting in theaters and watching Katniss Everdeen get stuck in space with nothing but her own wits to survive. CAN SHE MAKE IT BACK TO EARTH IN TIME FOR PEETA'S GLUTEN-FREE BAKERY OPENING? You'll have to go see the movie to find out. (Spoiler alert: the Capitol shuts down the bakery before she makes it home because Gale's fresh squirrel muffins caused the oven to catch fire….hence Catching Fire)

To wrap up her neverending press tour, Jennifer Lawrence stopped by The Daily Show to talk about Catching Fire. Or not talk about Catching Fire. It turns out that Jon Stewart doesn't exactly prepare for interviews. Even if they're interviews with the Internet's best friend. While he's usually so on point on his show, he seems totally lost in this interview. Especially after his Helen Mirren photo doppleganger game fails. I know, you didn't expect to see Helen Mirren name-dropped in this article. But life is full of surprises. Also Helen Mirren references. If you take away one lesson from this article, it's always expect Helen Mirren in unexpected places.

If you take away two lessons, the second should be that you should never get your hair cut right before you embark on a highly publicized interview spree. I think the next person who asks Jennifer Lawrence about her hair will get automatically entered into the next Hunger Games. Not the movie, but the actual fight-to-the-death game.

And now that you're lesson-ed out, please feel free to enjoy this interview. It's amazing. And awkward. And also amazing.

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