Jennifer Lawrence And Jimmy Fallon Hilariously Reenact The Time They Drunkenly Tried To Impress J.Lo

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Jennifer Lawrence Jimmy Fallon May 2014

Sometimes the perfect way to start your Friday is to watch Jennifer Lawrence and Jimmy Fallon tell a story about the time they hung out together at a party, drank too many jello shots, and tried really hard to get Jennifer Lopez to dance with them. Luckily that's exactly what happened last night on The Tonight Show, otherwise you'd be very mad at me right now for putting that idea into your head and then not delivering the goods.

The two were clearly very drunk. How drunk were they? Jen doesn't even remember that Kanye West was playing. To be fair, she probably goes to so many fancy celebrity events that she can't keep track, but it's safe to say from the rest of the tale that she was inebriated. Their elaborate scheme to impress J.Lo enough that she'd want to hang out with them involved choreographing a miniature dance routine leading them to her and beckoning her to join them in busting a move. Because J.Lo is a big celebrity, I guess they figured just being drunk Jennifer Lawrence and Jimmy Fallon at a party wasn't enough incentive. I would require much less convincing than that, but in this case it's a good thing they were drunk and starstruck enough to come up with this harebrained scheme, because otherwise we wouldn't get to watch them reenact it.

Unfortunately as they were putting their plan into motion, things went wrong, misunderstandings were had, and Jimmy ended up abandoning Jen to embarrass herself in front of Jenny from the Block. He tries to explain himself, but I'm left wondering if his friendship with Jen will ever be the same. Sacrificing J.Law for the sake of J.Lo. What a story this is. If J.Lo doesn't comment on it the next time she's on the show, I will be very disappointed.