Turns Out Jack Nicholson’s Creepy Flirtation With J.Law Didn’t End After The Oscars

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Remember earlier this year at the Academy Awards when that really funny thing happened with Jennifer Lawrence? No, not when she fell on her way to accept her award. The other thing. No, not when she said she did a shot before going into the press room. The other funny thing. The thing that involved Jack Nicholson being his usual creepy self.

You remember it. J.Law was talking to Good Morning America backstage after her win when out of the blue Jack came up behind her to let her know she looks like an old girlfriend of his. She played along but looked utterly mortified when he walked away — and then popped back up again. And thus a million adorable GIF sets were born.

Well, it turns out Jack's advances didn't end that night. Jennifer recently told ABC News that he later sent her a little gift:

“He sent me some flowers and a bottle of Cristal and a note that said ‘Missing you already’. Not to brag.”

First of all, I love learning about celebrities sending jokey gifts to each other. I feel like I hear about it all the time, and I could spend all day playing celebrity gift mad libs, filling in the blanks with famous person names and the presents they would send. Maybe Justin Timberlake sends a basket of pineapples to Judi Dench with a note that reads, “Never change.” I don't know what the context is; it's just fun to imagine. You've probably noticed my standards for what's fun are very low.

But as fun as celebrity gift exchanges are, I'm not alone in thinking this is kinda creepy, right? You can tell me it's all in good fun until the cows come home, but at the end of the day this is Jack Nicholson we're talking about. The guy who sits in the front row of the Oscars with sunglasses on every year even if he's not nominated. I think Jennifer's nervous “Is he still here?” comment in this video pretty much sums him up. Jack Nicholson's middle name should be Is He Still Here?

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