I Love That Jennifer Lawrence Refuses To Answer Stupid Interview Questions Seriously

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Silver Linings Playbook

I know we rave nonstop about Jennifer Lawrence on this site, but it's only because she keeps doing rave-worthy things. Take this interview from yesterday's Oscars luncheon where she blew off questions about what she's planning to wear to the 2013 Academy Awards. And then added that her family's actually not spending the weeks leading up to the ceremony pacing around frantically — but instead they're remaining calm and level-headed. Because they know that even if Jennifer loses, they still get to get wasted at the after party. Wasted was her word, not mine.

While it's a totally cliche complaint that female actors get asked what they're wearing with the same level importance as how they chose their award-winning role,  it still remains an incredibly valid complaint every single year.

Here's Jennifer Lawrence, a two-time Oscar-nominee who's only 22-years-old. Not only did she star in the critically acclaimed Silver Linings Playbook and not only did she convince director David O. Russell that she deserved the part despite being several years too young, but she also starred in a blockbuster franchise this year too. Yeah, remember the Hunger Games? That happened too.

Can't these reporters think of any other questions to ask besides what she's going to wear? Or how she'll destress before the show? She's an amazing actress who's accomplished a lot at a very young age. I just find it slightly strange that no one wants to know more about that.

Thanks to Ryan Seacrest's three-way pact with Satan and E!, we have a two-hour red carpet to look forward to on the day of the Academy Awards. So I think we can rest assured that we'll get to see her dress. A lot.

But maybe for now we can talk about other things. Like how she related to the character of Tiffany and what it's like working with Bradley Cooper and when she'll be launching that contest to win a slumber party with her. You know, the stuff that we actually care about.

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