I Can’t Handle How Normal Jennifer Lawrence Looks In These Haunted House Photos

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Just because your Halloween celebrations ended Sunday morning as you did a sad walk of shame home in a sexy hot dog costume doesn't mean Halloween's over. In fact, according to 94% of calendars and time zones, it's actually not even here yet. So don't act surprised that celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson are still Halloween-ing it up at the Netherworld Haunted House in Georgia.

The two took a break from filming Catching Fire to made an appearance at the haunted house this month and pose with the creatures who work there. While Netherworld Haunted House's Facebook page posted the photo of Josh on October 8th, they apparently held the one of Jen for the final days of the Halloween season.

In the photo caption, they  say only positive things about Jen and Josh and note — as everyone seems to — that the two were as nice as can be.

First Josh Hutcherson (aka “Peeta” from The Hunger Games) braved the the haunting hallways of Netherworld Haunted House…now we are happy to say that his Hunger Games co-star Jennifer Lawrence (aka “Katniss”) mustered up the courage to pay us a visit as well. Jennifer and Josh were both as nice as can be…we thank them both for taking a minute to pose with our creatures.

The best part of this whole story isn't that they went to the haunted house and it isn't that they took the time to pose, it's that Jennifer Lawrence looks so wonderfully normal in these photos.

It never ceases to amaze me to see celebrities go from red carpet glamourous to regular human being.  I mean, she's wearing glasses. I wear glasses! How wonderfully inspirational for a girl like me who hates to be caught out in her spectacles see someone who wears them with no shame.

While I know that deep in my heart of hearts celebrities are just like us, I usually have trouble believing it. Mostly because I act like a completely different person when I find a $20 bill in my back pocket. So I can't imagine what it's like to find $20 million dollars in your back pocket.

But photos like this one remind me that celebrities are just like us! Somedays they look ready to walk the red carpet — and other days they look like me, an ordinary human being.