Jennifer Lawrence Hates Josh Hutcherson, Also Puppies, Happiness And Smiles

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Jennifer Lawrence Josh Hutcherson shortWell in today's most inevitable news, Jennifer Lawrence hates her Catching Fire co-star Josh Hutcherson. Which makes sense because they're not having sex with each other. And we all know that when two co-stars aren't sleeping together, they're attempting to murder each other. That's Hollywood law. You can read all about in the Bible. Chapter 12. Section 2. Paragraph 9.

Our good friends at Star magazine risked everything to bring us behind-the-scenes stories from the most reputable anonymous sources, insiders and pals in the business.

The magazine alleges that Lawrence “recently broke down in tears during a quick trip to London,” quoting the so-called “friend” as saying, “She’s completely overwhelmed and irritable and is fighting with everyone.” Star says one of the victims of Lawrence’s supposed wrath is her Hunger Games co-star,Josh Hutcherson. The “insider” claims, “She recently exploded on poor Josh and says their friendship ‘is sof**king over.’” “They don’t even make eye contact unless they’re shooting a scene,” adds the “pal.”

What Star magazine didn't report is the alleged conversation that bystanders overheard while waiting in line for the restroom at the SAG Awards. Supposedly Jennifer Lawrence whispered frantically into her phone while pretending to be peeing. Although insiders couldn't make out the exact words, they do all agree they heard the following phrases: “hello Mr. Hitman” and “yes, Josh Hutcherson” and “I know, he is short, but that's not why I called today” and “you heard right, I do love murder” and “not opposed to using dark magic to get the job done.”

Now before you start worrying about Josh Hutcherson, please know that he's totally fine. He's currently hidden away in one of Hollywood's many safe houses that are reserved for feuding co-stars. While we'd love to get an update from him, we heard that Brandi Glanville's his roommate and she's keeping him very busy with tips on how to get to the tabloids before they get to you.

And that's the latest for today's “Things Jennifer Lawrence Totally Hates” column.

(Photo: Mr. Blue/WENN.com)