People Are Not Amused With J.Law’s Remarks To A Foreign Reporter At The Golden Globes

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People Are Not Amused With J Law s Remarks to a Foreign Reporter at the Golden Globes Jennifer Lawrence Golden Globes laughing gif

Buckle your seat belts for another award season of Jennifer Lawrence being ~*real*~. Last night, her realness revealed itself in the form of a condescending remark to a foreign reporter in the press room after her Golden Globes win. People on Twitter were not amused with Jennifer’s behavior, which many are calling rude and culturally insensitive.

In the video below, a reporter begins asking Jennifer how she feels about the upcoming Oscars, but she cuts him off to tell him, “You can’t live your whole life behind your phone, bro.” He laughs it off and attempts to ask her again, at which point she interrupts him a second time to say, “We’re at the Golden Globes. If you put your phone down, you’d know that.” Interestingly, if she stopped being a smartass for two seconds of her life, she would have understood his question.

Many people have pointed out that this reporter may not speak English as his first language, and he was possibly using his phone to read off a translation of his question.

Others pointed out that it’s a bit hypocritical for J.Law to tell someone to “live in the now” when she herself has been known to stare at her phone during events.

But not everyone is ready to criticize Jennifer just yet. Someone who was also in the press room insists the reporter wasn’t looking at questions but rather taking photos or video.

Some J.Law fans have taken this explanation and run with it, claiming the reporter was being rude and she was right to call him out.

But my favorite response to the incident is this one.

Reporters use their phones for various tasks, from taking notes to reading out planned questions to, yes, taking photos or recording video/sound. Whatever this reporter was using his phone for, there’s no way Jennifer could have known for certain what it was. Even if he wasn’t actually reading a translation, for all she knew he could have been. Calling him out for using a tool related to his job, and then to further embarrassing him by mocking his question, is unnecessarily rude.

If you ask me, all this public adoration has gone to J.Law’s head to the point where she’s now deliberately turning every appearance she makes into a viral headline. It’s like whenever she walks into a room she thinks, “Okay, what goofy thing should I get them to tweet about today?” And based on the above responses, it’s backfiring.

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