Jennifer Lawrence Is Going On Tour With Chris Martin, So They Don’t Waste Any Time

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Jennifer Lawrence making weird face GIFIt was just two weeks ago that news first leaked that Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin were dating, and already J-Law is supposedly planning on going on tour with him? HERE'S YOUR HAT WHAT'S YOUR HURRY?

I don't know if there's some sort of impending apocalypse that A-Listers get warning of before the rest of us, but the couple that is Martin Lawrence is wasting absolutely no time with pleasantries like getting to know each other before committing to a tour-ful of travel together across these united states. Mildly disconcerting, considering we still can't figure out what these two have in common. According to Radar Online, Chris' band Coldplay will:

“…be announcing in the next several weeks that they are embarking on a tour across the United States to promote their new album, ‘Ghost Stories'. This won’t be a huge tour as the band has done in the past, and will only be stopping in the major markets such as Los Angeles, Chicago and New York.”

Still, that's quite the commitment for a relationship that's only about a month old (apparently sparks first flew at a concert on July 1st), especially considering that they're specifically keeping the tour short so that Chris doesn't have to be separated from his kids for too long. Seems like Chris could probably be away from his new girlfriend for the same amount of time he was away from his kids, right? But what do I know? I feel like worst case, Gwyneth Paltrow would babysit, but she's probably worried that J-Law would dig up the whole garden looking for cake.

“Chris doesn’t want to be away from his kids, Apple and Moses. Girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence will be part of the entourage. She has some down time in her schedule at the moment, and is having so much fun with Chris. Chris’ sense of humor has genuinely surprised her, and his band mates really like Jennifer.”

Oookay sure! Free time in the schedule, make each other laugh, and your friends like her. I guess that's technically enough to build a relationship on, this is all just happening really fast for me. At this rate, they'll be engaged by October, and I simply shan't be able to find a dress in time for their wedding.

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