Jennifer Lawrence Flipped Off The Paparazzi Again, Somehow Got Away With It

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Jennifer Lawrence flipping off camera in Silver Linings Playbook GIF(via)

Know how I know that Jennifer Lawrence is a mystical wizard who's cast a spell of acceptance over us? Because she flipped off the paparazzi this past weekend, and everyone was ALL ABOUT IT.

Jennifer and her on-again-off-again boyfriend Nicholas Hoult went to a club called The Box in the Soho area of London, and when they came out, there was at least one but probably multiple photographers waiting for them. As there would tend to be, when you're one of the most famous and swiftly rising stars on the face of Planet Earth. But Jenn was absolutely not into it, covering her face with her coat to deny the paparazzi a good shot, and even flipping them off for good measure.

Now don't get me wrong here — I can't imagine how annoying it must be to have your every move dogged by a group of strangers who make money essentially by stalking you, and sometimes shout a few expletives for good measure. It's surely irritating and overwhelming and perhaps even scary sometimes, but it's also surely something that J-Law has gotten used to at events, right? Did something happen to make her pissed off, or is that just something that we're totally down with our dream-BFF doing?

Because as I recall, things were prettttty different when it was old Kristen Stewart doing the bird-flipping. Everyone was all, “WTF is her problem, why so surly, Kristen?” but when Jennifer does the same thing, people are literally cheering her on Twitter, saying it's so refreshing? I honestly don't get it. I think it's becoming more and more obvious with every passing day that J-Law has placed us all under a friendship-based Imperius Curse, where we have no choice but to delight in her every move.

I personally don't have a big issue either way with the middle finger, at least when you don't have a young fan base looking up to you, but we should at least try to avoid a double standard, right? It's just that — IMPERIOOOOOOOO!