There’s Nothing Better Than This GIF Of Jennifer Lawrence Being Attacked By Her Brothers

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Jennifer Lawrence OscarsI debated for a little bit this morning whether I should share this amazing Jennifer Lawrence  GIF with you.  I know we're all a little Oscar-ed out right now. (Is it cool if I speak for all us now? I feel like we've reached that point.) The four-hour long show turned into a 24-hour marathon on the internet where we looked at photos, videos and GIFs of everything that happened. We read articles analyzing what we saw and what we missed and what we needed to fix for next year. By the time I shut my computer down last night, I couldn't see straight. I could just see Anne Hathaway's nipple darts glaring at me as I tried to fall asleep. So I didn't want you think it was Groundhog's Day or something with more Oscars talk.

But then I thought, it's Jennifer Lawrence. You can never get too much of her — even if it's her at the Oscars. So here goes. Yesterday this video of Jennifer Lawrence being attacked by her family after she won the Oscar for Best Actress surfaced. It's ah-mazing. Mostly because I love that she has two big brothers (Ben and Blaine) who are so excited for her that they lift her off the ground in a big group hug. It's very last-five-minutes-of-a-nineties-sitcom of them and I simply can't get enough of it.

Then this morning I woke up to this amazing GIF capturing the moment for all of eternity. It's mesmerizing and I can't stop staring. Partly because of my '90s sitcom fetish and partly because it's a good reminder that famous people didn't sprout up in a secret Hollywood laboratory. They're real live human beings with real live families. Families who get to nonchalantly mention that they're related to Jennifer Lawrence in passing conversation.

“Oh, what did I do this weekend Bob, hmmm, let me think, oh right WATCHED MY SISTER WIN AN OSCAR, but tell me, how was the barbecue with at your sister-in-law's place?”