Oh Look, Some Photos Of Emma Watson Barely Tolerating Jennifer Lawrence

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I just found out that Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence hang out, so I’m officially declaring this National Surprising Celebrity Besties Week.

After all, I spent all of yesterday grappling with the fact that Michelle Rodriguez and Zac Efron are secret pals who kiss each other on the mouth, so I should’ve known that there would be more of the same today. Not that J-Law and Emma have been doing any mouth-kissing that I know of, but they’re apparently on close enough terms that Jennifer can put a full palm on Emma’s face and get away with it. So that’s something.

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week is going on now, and the two ladies ran into each other at the Christian Dior show yesterday, which makes perfect sense because Jenn reps the brand and I’m pretty sure Emma Watson was born in a tasteful knee-length sheath dress with immaculate makeup.

Anyway, they were just posing together normally for a while, with Emma eking out some of the most awkward smiles I’ve ever seen grace her face. What’s the deal here? Am I reading this wrong, or is she really not into Jennifer Lawrence? Or maybe she just didn’t recognize her through that aggressive tan? Regardless, Jennifer may have picked up on it, because she graciously offered Emma a facepalm. No charge! On the house!

HERE YOU GO IT’S MY FULL HAND ON YOUR FACE. Maybe this is a joke I’m missing, but Jenn is pushing Emma back pretty hard, right? You can tell she’s kind of laughing through it, but when did these two become pals on a level that they can like…prank each other at fashion shows?

I’m sure it isn’t malicious at all, but if there’s ever a place to just stand and take photos without putting your entire hand on someone’s face, it’s at a show where the face in question has undoubtedly been painstakingly made up for hours.