Let’s Look At This Super Classy Photo Of Jennifer Lawrence

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I love Jennifer Lawrence. Probably an unhealthy amount. She just consistently pulls off the “I'm a normal person who happens to be a famous actress” vibe really well. I truly believe that we could be friends. Mostly because I stalked her childhood home and I now know where she grew up. So if nothing else, we can talk about her house and her driveway and the landscaping choices that her family made.

This morning I spotted this absolutely perfect photo of her leaving the Dior fashion show in Paris. Something that no one will ever say about me. It's 0% likely that anyone will ask where I am and hear the response, “Oh Jenni, I believe she's at the Dior fashion show in Paris this morning.”  So needless to say, this is not activity J. Law and I would be doing if/when we became friends. We'd probably just remain on the fro-yo level for a long time.

You know the fro-yo level. The person you call to get fro-yo with you when you feel too ashamed to go alone — yet, crave it so badly that you can't stand to live another moment with that cold self-serve fro-yo handle in your hand. If you know what I'm talking about, you KNOW what I'm talking about.

Anyways, this photo of The Hunger Games star is just so perfectly classy that I wanted to share its beauty with you. She looks cool right? Like she goes to fashion shows in Paris everyday. I want that look. That effortless, “oh just another Parisian fashion show look.”

Who knows where I can get that? Do I have to kiss Josh Hutcherson to make it happen or what.

Also, is that someone holding her bag behind her? Where does one even find a bag holder? Craigslist? I just have so many questions. If only someone would give me Jen's fax number, I could ask her all of them in a completely non-intrusive way.