Jennifer Lawrence Is Paying The Price For Being The New ‘It Girl’, Now Linked To Leo DiCaprio

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Vanity Fair Oscar PartyNobody blink, because we're entering that rare thirty seconds of the day where I'm not actually sure I want to trade lives with Jennifer Lawrence after all, and I don't want you to miss it. Don't get me wrong, she's just as funny and genuine and lovable as ever, but being Hollywood's newest ‘it girl' has it's price. For example, if you briefly pause in front of someone in a people-filled room at a party, it's exciting for bloggers like me to imagine that you are now dating that person. Particularly if J-Law and the mysterious stranger actually exchange eye contact, my typing-fingers are all but vibrating, and if human communications pass between them in the form of words, you might as well get the smelling salts ready. And I'm not the only one — just look at this breathless account of the relationship between Jen and Bradley Cooper from Heat Magazine:

“They keep saying they're like brother and sister, but anyone who meets them can see that their chemistry is off the charts. Leo DiCaprio was clearly hitting on her, but she only had eyes for Bradley. They were deep in conversation and talking about how they wanted to take a break after the awards season. Everyone at the party was talking about their chemistry; they really looked like they were together, but trying their best to hide it. When they're at a party together, Brad constantly swoops around the room to check on Jen – it's like he can't stay away.”

An ‘insider account' like that gets into a magazine, and suddenly there are blog posts popping up everywhere titled “Jennifer Lawrence ‘not interested' in Leonardo DiCaprio”. And from there it's only a hop, skip, and a jump to “Jennifer Lawrence Insults Leo, DiCaprio Heartbroken” and then to “Jennifer Lays Down The Law On Leonardo, Won't Take Any Of His DiCRAPrio.”

It's a dark world out there, guys, that's all I'm saying. So it's probably best if we lay off the relationship speculation for a little bit (no promises from me) and focus on dreaming about being her BFF instead. Much less pressure and you can still borrow her Oscar dresses and get set up on dates with B-Coop. Bonus.

(Image: Brian To / WENN.com)