J-Law Leaves Red Carpet To Comfort Fan, Definitely Honing Beyonce Impression

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Jennifer Lawrence comforting a crying fan on Catching Fire red carpet November 2013I don't know what Jennifer Lawrence was for Halloween this year, but I'm betting it was either an angel from heaven or Beyonce or both, because she is really crushing it on the heart-warming meter of late.

Jennifer is currently doing press and red carpets galore for Catching Fire, which is the second movie in the Hunger Games series, being released November 22nd. She's also been out of the spotlight for a while doing things like filming two movies simultaneously and getting a controversial new pixie cut, so it's safe to say she's pretty buzzed about. All she needs to do to earn our love, attention, and affection is just travel down a red carpet, really. We'd settle for an awkwardly adorable comment or two, or flipping the bird to Josh Hutcherson mid-interview, but in general our needs are few. We're just glad she's back.

But Jenn has never been one to just coast. Every time you think you can't love her more, she falls up the stairs on the way to get her Academy Award, or defies the Hollywood stereotype of being stick thin…so I don't know why were were surprised when she briefly stepped off the Catching Fire red carpet to comfort a young girl crying behind the barrier. I don't know why she was crying other than from the future knowledge that she was about to be as close as a human can be to attaining BFF-ship with Jennifer Lawrence without being Bradley Cooper or something. But I do know that what Jennifer did was amazing.

J-Law kneeled down in front of the girl and said, “Thank you so much for coming! Are you excited to be seeing the movie?” And instead of projectile vomiting down her own shirt, which is what I would've done, the girl held it together for long enough to nod and smile.

And then she got glorious hugs and smiles, and her picture taken with Jennifer, and it warmed my heart because it clearly made the girl so happy. Just like I said yesterday when Beyonce sang a duet with a blind girl at her concert, there's such a genuine vibe about these two ladies, like they want to use their celebrity for good. They're not doing it just for the camera or the publicity, so even if no opportunities readily present themselves, they create their own. I love it.