Jennifer Lawrence Insulted Christian Bale, Somehow Made It Out Alive And Profanity-Free

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Jennifer Lawrence American Hustle

Don't get me wrong, I'm actually a fan of Christian Bale and his work – and by his “work”, I am of course referring to his portrayal of the adorable Laurie in Little Women first and foremost.  His turn as Batman falls somewhere down the line after that.  Anyway, it's no secret that Christian Bale has a temper and at least one or two profanity-laced rants under his belt.  Much like Russel Crowe has at least one or two telephone-hurling incidents under his.  So it was kind of surprising that Jennifer Lawrence was able to throw a zinger Christian's way when they were filming American Hustle together last year and make it out alive.  It's also further proof that Jennifer Lawrence subscribes to some form of fabulous sorcery that makes everyone want to be her best friend.

“‘I finally get to make out with Christian Bale and he's a really fat guy,'” director David O. Russell recalled Jennifer saying while filming. She said: “‘He's Fatman, not Batman.'”

Just goes to show you that the funniest, quickest jokes don't require a lot of forethought, because I totally chuckled at this.  And then kicked myself for not thinking of it first.  Not that I will ever get to make out with Christian Bale, of course, but still.  Christian Bale loves to throw himself into his roles, whether it means losing 40+ pounds or gaining it.  If I were to ever have the chance to be geographically anywhere near his soft and supple lips, it would probably be when he was sporting a potbelly and a comb-over, and not Batman's abs of steel and romance novel-tousled hair.

So either Christian Bale didn't hear Jennifer refer to him as “Fatman” firsthand, or he's just as charmed as the rest of the world is, and probably dabs two squirts of eau de Lawrence on his wrists before leaving the house.  Looking forward to seeing both of these crazy kids tonight at the Globes, and if they'll make next year's list of awkward award show moments.

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