Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Martin Are Dating Now, Which Is The Perfect Distraction After This Week

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You know what, you guys?  It was a real humdinger of a week. I don't know about you, but I'm still reeling from the loss of Robin Williams and my chest feels like an elephant is doing jumping jacks on it every time someone posts a photo, quote, or YouTube clip with him in it.   Then Lauren Bacall passed away, and I comforted myself by watching classic scenes between her and Bogie like the devoted, diligent member of Sad Sacks Anonymous I am. So let me be the first to thank Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin for starting up Hollywood's newest fakerelationship, because good golly Miss Molly did I need a distraction from the many grim headlines this week.

Normally, I'd have something snarky to say about a 37-year-old recently divorced male musician rebounding with a 24-year-old ingenue-of-the-moment actress. Because it's a very tired song and dance with an encore of Slightly Creepy, and I'm not usually down with that.  But when E! broke the news, I was way too “SCRRREEECH PUMP THOSE BRAKES WHAT” to be all “Ugh, God, really? *eyeroll* *yawn*” about it. Here are the salacious details E! reported earlier:

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin are seeing each other, multiple sources confirm to E! News. We're told that the pair has been spending quality together since late June after the Oscar winner split with her X-Men costar Nicholas Hoult.”

Multiple sources, you guys.  As in several people who all know Jennifer and Chris well enough to know they're “seeing each other” but who are independent from one another and in their relationships with the two.  Who all ran to E! separately but in unison. Yeah… gotcha.

Either these two are my new favorite random celebrity relationship of the year (personally, I feel Sarah Silverman and Michael Sheen come in at a close second), or Chris Martin's PR team is killing it right now in light of that whole Gwyneth-Paltrow-was-totally-cheating-on-him thing. Luckily for Gwyneth, she can just curl up on a $50,000 chaise lounge made of emu feathers and shove $80 spoonfuls of organic honey into her mouth while debating whether Coldplay or Glee is responsible for producing more annoying music.

If these two really are together, may I just say I'm looking forward to many GIF-able moments in the near future. If nothing else, I thank them profusely for providing a very delightful, very WTF distraction from a rather glum week. Who's with me?

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