These Photos Of Jennifer Lawrence Visiting A Children’s Hospital In Her Hometown Will Warm Your Heart

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Jennifer Lawrence children's hospital Louisville Kentucky 3Even though Christmas is over now, that doesn't mean we should stop valuing the importance of doing good. Sometimes one of the best ways to spread messages of charity and love is through the examples of our favorite public figures, including celebrities. Earlier this month we shared our favorite feel-good celebrity stories of the year, and as 2013 finishes up and 2014 gets closer, we're still seeing plenty of heartwarming stories of celebrities using their fame for good causes. That includes Jennifer Lawrence, who this past weekend visited patients at Kosair Children's Hospital in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.

Photos of Jennifer's visit surfaced on Twitter, and the hospital tweeted their appreciation to a Jennifer Lawrence fan account earlier this week, saying “We know it meant a lot to them and brightened their day.” What makes this story even nicer is that Jennifer didn't post the photos herself bragging about what she'd done or make sure she was caught by paparazzi cameras. Doing good as a celebrity shouldn't be about the publicity gained from it. It's always nice to see celebrities give back, but it's even nicer when they don't appear to have done it for any kind of personal gain.

Jennifer Lawrence children's hospital Louisville KentuckyIn addition to posing for photos with various patients, Jennifer also posed for a group shot with the hospital staff. The fact that she did all this in her hometown makes it even sweeter and shows that Jennifer still has a connection to her roots, a trait that celebrities unfortunately don't always show.

So while it's always fun to gossip and snark about all the negative things celebrities do, sometimes it's just a breath of fresh air to focus on the positive and see that just because someone's rich and famous doesn't mean they don't understand the importance of using that fame for good. As if we needed another reason to be obsessed with J.Law. The list just gets longer and longer.

(Photos: Twitter)