This New Jennifer Lawrence Interview Will Remind You Why She Gives The Best Interviews

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Jennifer Lawrence Cannes Film Festival M

Ever since the 2013 Oscars season wound down, we've been lacking in quality Jennifer Lawrence interviews. Sure we have them recorded in our memories and sure we can replay them in our minds at a moment's notice, but it's not the same thing. And that's why I got so excited to see her latest interview at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival yesterday. While she's over there rubbing elbow's with Hollywood's most elite, she's also promoting her upcoming movie Catching Fire. While I'm not completely clear on the plot, I think it's about a group of ragtag firefighters who are obsessed with not putting out a fire — but catching and keeping it. It's a metaphorical film. You wouldn't understand.

But you will understand this interview J.Law does with Yahoo! Movies. While I can't capture her interview perfectness in quotes, I will say that she still has the drill down pat. It's the perfect mixture of humility and humor and are-you-really-asking-me-that-that-questionness. And she does go on the record and say that Liam Hemsworth is the meanest. Which we always kinda figured because there's no way that he's that hot and that Australian and still nice.

I would be negligent in my duties as the country's premiere movie journalist if I didn't mention that this video also includes an interview with Sam Claflin AKA Finnick Odair AKA the new man of every 7th grader's dreams. He mentions that his most favoritest life memory (or movie memory) is giving CPR to Josh Hutcherson…because their mouths touched. So yeah this firefighter movie sounds like it's going to be intense! I, for one, can't wait to skip Thanksgiving and see it in theaters.

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