Jennifer Lawrence Is Getting Dangerously Close To Being Totally Overplayed

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Jennifer Lawrence promoting Catching Fire at Cannes Film Festival May 2013I've always been Jennifer Lawrence‘s most trusted adviser, whether she knows it or not. (She doesn't.) Throughout her still-brief career, there's been no end to the stellar advice I've provided. And I've never asked a penny! That's just my way as an unsolicited celebrity counselor. And now I have a new piece of advice, that I just know she's been waiting on the edge of her seat for, and here it is — take it easy, J-Law. You need to pump those brakes. Because you are getting dangerously close to being in way too many projects.

Jennifer just signed on to a brand new movie called Burial Rites, a feature adaptation of a novel of the same name written by Hannah Kent and published last month. The plot follows the 1892 trial of an Icelandic woman charged with the murder of her former master. While she's awaiting execution, she goes to live with a family in the rural countryside who have to adjust to the idea of living with a convicted murderer.

That sounds great and all, and I'm excited to read the book, probably, but can we also point out that the director of this movie is Gary Ross, who was also her director for The Hunger Games, as well as the director of another project that she signed onto less than two weeks ago: the adaptation of East Of Eden. I'm all for actors and directors enjoying working together, but you're a young lady! There are other directorial fish in the sea! Expand your horizons! Don't get tied down to one man! Never look a gift horse in the mouth! (Not sure that last one applies, but it's worth a try, right?)

And as far as Gary Ross — surely there must be other actresses in the world than Jennifer Lawrence. And probably ones who aren't filming two movies at once right now! I understand that she's an Oscar winner and she's very very great and all, no one's disputing that. But if you keep using her for every role that she could conceivably be right for, give or take however many years, then my tolerance for her is gonna wear thin pretty fast.

Remember how talented we all thought Dakota Fanning was before she starred in every movie ever? Or how catchy ‘Blurred Lines' was before it was completely overplayed on the radio? Or how adorable Taran Killam was before he started getting put into every single Saturday Night Live sketch? Yeah.

You gotta take it easy and not blow your wad too soon, or else you're gonna get dangerously close to Overrated Territory. And nobody wants that.

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