It’s No Surprise Bradley Cooper Is Jennifer Lawrence’s Newest Fan After Watching The Hunger Games

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Jennifer Lawrence dirty face The Hunger Games gifUsually when actors work together, they have at least a rudimentary idea of each other's work. But it's always encouraging to see the stars who take the extra effort of seeing their co-stars' films so they can talk about it—like Bradley Cooper, who recently saw The Hunger Games so he could better level with his Silver Linings Playbook love interest Jennifer Lawrence.

Hanging out with MTV News at the Toronto International Film Festival, Bradley ended up dominating the conversation about the upcoming sequel Catching Fire and the Hunger Games universe. “I just saw it,” he told Jen, who looked surprised. “I didn't even tell you? I didn't text you?” That explains why he was so passionately going on about Seneca Crane's (Wes Bentley) death by nightlock berries at the end of the first movie. It was kind of adorable how, even as MTV's Josh Horowitz said that Seneca could come back, both Bradley and Jen shut him down. “No, he ate those, they locked the door,” he said, while she added, “It's kind of like a Tupac situation.”

Jennifer Lawrence gang sign gif

Those are dedicated fans there, to argue a point like that. So, that's the geekiness that I was talking about. As for the dirty joke? You have to watch the beginning of the video, when Josh and Bradley both hand their mics over to Jen and she briefly double-fists them… Yeah, you can see why Bradley starts chuckling.

Even though Jen says she's not going to respond to his dirty joke, I bet she appreciated it because it's the kind of crack she'd make in an interview. You can't not look at these .gifs of her and think that she's got an innocent mind. We recommend that Bradley search the “Jennifer Lawrence” tag on Tumblr, because it'll raise his esteem of her even more.

Jennifer Lawrence "look at my knife" gif

.gifs: thatjanssen on Tumblr