Video: Bradley Cooper Knows More About Jennifer Lawrence Than She Knows About Him

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Jennifer Lawrence Bradley Cooper cute video how well do you know your co-star Bradley Cooper's first movie eyes Jennifer Lawrence Victoria's Secret best smile boobs funnyI know that when it comes to behind-the-scenes intel from new movies it’s all about the bromances, but it’s refreshing to see a pair of actors, male and female, who are all jokey and cute but totally platonic. After watching these videos of Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence at the Toronto International Film Festival, it’s clear that the key to Hollywood friendship is starring in two movies back-to-back.

MTV News’ Josh Horowitz quizzes the dynamic duo on how well they know each other after dancing, playing depressed, and murdering children on-screen… and the answers might surprise you. For one, you would assume that whipsmart Jen would have paid more attention to her more experienced co-star’s career, right?

Wrong. As sweetly dedicated as Bradley is to remembering details of Jen’s Oscar nominations, awards show gowns, and famous movie characters… she’s adorably nonchalant about the gaps in her knowledge about him. Just read this entire exchange and try to tell me they don’t have a great friendship going.

Josh: Bradley, what’s the full name of Jennifer’s character in The Hunger Games?

Bradley: Katniss… Everdeen…

Josh: Quit while you’re ahead. Jennifer, can you name Bradley’s first movie?

Jennifer: Midnight Meat Train.

Bradley: Good guess.

Jennifer: Nooo, it’s not Midnight Meat Train?

Bradley: You know what, I’m gonna say it is.

Josh: Bradley, what movie was Jennifer Oscar-nominated for?

Bradley: Winter’s Bone.

Jennifer: Aww, he threw you a Winter’s Bone there.

Josh: Jennifer, can you name the previous film that Bradley starred with Robert De Niro in?

Jennifer: Limitless. I love how you think that when it’s behind-the-scenes with two actors, we’re going through each other’s IMDb pages.

Josh: Jennifer, close your eyes and tell me what color are Bradley’s eyes.

Jennifer: Blue. Pretty famous blue eyes.

Josh: Bradley, what was the color of Jennifer’s Oscar dress?

Bradley: Red. That was the hardest one yet.

Jennifer: It was, really? …How many pairs of Spanx was I wearing at the Oscars?

Bradley: …What are Spanx?

Josh: Victoria’s Secret this year said Jennifer has the sexiest… what?

Bradley: Oh wow. Smile?

Josh: She does have a lovely smile, but it’s her eyes.

Jennifer: Eyes? What? From Victoria’s Secret? I thought it was gonna be boobs or butt, or something. My eyes? I’m mad.

The best part is the last few lines about Spanx and Victoria’s Secret. Since Jennifer so often has to defend her “curvy” figure against Hollywood standards, it’s great to see her laughing about her body.