Here’s A Fun Prank Bradley Cooper And Christian Bale Pulled On Our Gal Pal Jennifer Lawrence

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Jennifer Lawrence 70s hair movie filming 2013Sooo here's the thing. I'm mature enough to say that if I can't be the third wheel in Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper's friendship for scheduling conflict reasons and whatnot, someone else should fill that role for them. And that someone should be Christian Bale. Mostly because I'm pretty impressed with the prank that he and B.Coops pulled on Jennifer while filming their movie in a graveyard recently.

Apparently Jennifer expressed some fear and hesitation about shooting in the graveyard, which is totally normal for a child who grew up in the '90s and watched the seance scene in Now & Then during a sleepover on a dark and stormy night. (Only me? Okay!) So Bradley and Christian had the prop team make a fake gravestone for the night. Cue the pale moonlight and…..

“So on the night, under pale moonlight, Oscar winner Jen suppressed a shiver as the director yelled, ‘ACTION!”…but bravely stepped into the ancient graveyard – and screamed as she spotted a gravestone that read: “JENNIFER LAWRENCE, born August 15, 1890. Died April 1, 1913.”

“Shaking in terror, Jennifer shrieked, ‘That’s MY name!…Is this just a coincidence, or am I going to die!’

Obviously the boys found her freak out hilarious and quickly confessed it was all a prank. (Hello! Dead J.Law died on April 1st!) Then they all probably shared a group hug and went out for fondue or something. That's what famous friends do together when they're filming a movie, I think. While I'm very content with my life as a professional blog troll here in NYC, I can't help but think that I want to go to there. There, being where Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper (and Christian Bale) are fooling around with each other. I die just thinking about how being part of a prank that involves any of them. Suki Waterhouse knows exactly what I'm talking about here. Right Suki?

(Photo: Sasha, PacificCoastNews.com)