Jennifer Lawrence Comes Clean To America, Reveals That Her Boobs Are Uneven

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jennifer lawrence uneven boobs

Wow! In a revelation that will go down in high school history text books across the nation, Academy Award nominee Jennifer Lawrence revealed that her boobs are uneven on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. And she did it with absolutely no prompting. It's not like Jimmy Kimmel was all like, “sooooo, Jennifer, we've got to talk about your body…and what's wrong with it! Third nipple? Fat knees? Ugly elbows? Do dish gal pal!”

Nope, she offered this information all on her own. Mostly because she's awesome and she seems to approach every interview like she's talking to her best friend at a 7th grade slumber party. Nothing's off limits. There's no question that will offend her. It's kinda amazing. I mean, when was the last time we had an actress making her Academy Awards rounds and talking about her body flaws? As far as I know, never.

Not only did she share her new breastevalations with us, but she also talked about the upcoming Oscars and how her parents would obviously be joining her at the show. She says this with so much duh in her voice that I can't help but want to be part of her family. I doubt all the young actresses who are invited are eager to bring their parents with them. But J.Law clearly loves her family and clearly wants them to be with her on one of the biggest nights of her career.

While I could gush for hours, you should watch the interview yourself, right here, right now.