Remember That Time Jennifer Lawrence Starred On A Cheesy TBS Sitcom?!

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I'm still on a high from my awesome Josh Hutcherson The Amazing Spider-Man audition tape find yesterday. So naturally I started googling the ish our of Jennifer Lawrence videos, searching for just the right one to bring you crazy kids. After all, it's illegal in the digital publishing world to publish a Josh Hutcherson video without following up with a Jennifer Lawrence one within 24-48 hours. The Hunger Games really did change media as we know it. I couldn't sit here and type this stuff and make it up.

After finding zilch for old J. Law audition tapes, I found this gem of  a montage. Did you know Jennifer Lawrence starred on The Bill Engvall Show, the cheesy TBS sitcom that aired from 2007 to 2009. She played  Lauren Pearson, Bill and Susan's oldest daughter. And in surprising TV news, she actually was a teenager when she played a part. If my math serves me correctly she's about 17 in this clip.

In a 2010 interview from her Winter's Bone press days, she maturely says:

 “The Bill Engvall Show, I'm so grateful for it,” Lawrence says. “I had so much fun on that show, and we all became like family. It funded my indie career, so I could do the movies that I want.”

Watch this video and within the first 5 seconds you'll see that it's as “sitcom-y” as it gets. Complete with a laugh track and a classic brother-sister squabble. Let me break down the plot for you. Lauren/Jennifer wants to get a piercing, but her parents say no. Life lessons ensue.

Despite the cheese factor, her TV dad Bill Engvall knew she was destined for greatness. In 2011 he spoke about her career like a true Danny Tanner and said that he knew she had what it took to go far in this industry.

“Of my favorite scenes that I did on that show, one of them was with Jennifer. I go back and watch it every once in a while. We had a scene where she was mad at me and I had to go in and apologize to her. We had that nice dad-daughter moment. I remember (thinking), ‘This girl's good.' She's got it; she's got what it takes. I think she'll be holding that statuette before she's done.”

So remember that every time you're watching a so-so sitcom on TV, you could be watching the next Jennifer Lawrence.

(Photo: Digital Spy)