Jennifer Lawrence May Actually Win Best Actress, You Guys

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18th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards held at Barker HangarEven though the Academy Award nominations were just announced yesterday, everyone is already pretty sure they know exactly what's gonna happen. Jessica Chastain is gonna win for Zero Dark Thirtyand there's nothing you can do about it so you might as well get used to it, okay? OR. Maybe not. According to E! Online, the glorious, hilarious, wonderful Jennifer Lawrence (aka my personal BFF) may still have a shot at this.

They don't mention Naomi Watts or Emmanuelle Riva either, for their work in The Impossible and Amour, respectively, but they use the process of elimination to determine that Quvenzhané Wallis isn't gonna win. And not because she's too young or didn't have a phenomenal performance, but that her performance wasn't as phenomenal as the other actresses in her category. According to their source, Paul Levinson, who's a media studies professor at Fordham University:

“That would be the most revolutionary choice for the Academy because she is the youngest actress ever to get a nomination. And her performance was excellent, but not as good as some of the others.”

So in his mind, this race is down to Jessica, who's gotten most of the Oscar-buzz so far, and our girl Jennifer. And here's why they think Jenn might pull it out. In Levinson's mind, Jessica might be dinged just because of the controversial content of Zero Dark Thirty. She didn't write it, and it really has nothing to do with her work in the film, but Levinson believes that the Academy would be much more inclined to be associated with a movie like Silver LInings Playbook which, as far as I know, does not contain any references to Osama bin Laden.

“The problem with [Zero Dark Thirty] is that it's not 100 percent clear what statement the filmmakers wanted to make. Any awards that the movie wins will have political baggage.”

Oh boy. And you know how much those Oscars guys hate lugging around extra baggage on the runway. Jennifer might have this, if only because she fit everything into her carry-on.

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