Annnd The Jennifer Lawrence Backlash Begins, Which Means That It’s Time For Her To Go MIA

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Jennifer Lawrence Interview Yay


I love Jennifer Lawrence, I think she's great. Even if her entire personality turns out to be a PR team's invention, I'll still love her. With the sole exception of Billy Ray Cyrus, I think we'd all prefer to have her manufactured brand shoved at us instead of someone like Miley Cyrus'. Although to be fair, I will say her “shock ‘n awe” schitck this fall might've won her more headlines than Jennifer Lawrence's “normal gal pal” routine during last year's awards season.

Jennifer Lawrence Wink


However yesterday's announcement that Jennifer Lawrence won a NYFCC supporting actress award for her role in American Hustle means that the tides are about to turn for her. In fact, before that news even got announced, Vulture wrote an article questioning her authenticity. Which quickly got followed up by one on The Wire wondering if she's about to enter Anne Hathaway territory. You remember what happened to Anne Hathaway during last year's awards season, right? The entire world decided that they collectively hated her for no real reason. Despite the fact that she's a talented actress, we all dismissed her as needy and desperate, unworthy of winning any awards. Which in retrospect seems unfair, but at the time seemed totally rational. I would be lying to you if I said Crushable wasn't in the front of the pack, holding up a torch and singing “kill the beast” as we neared her inevitable Oscars win.

Jennifer Lawrence Yikes


The fact that it looks like Jennifer Lawrence will again be in the awards show spotlight doesn't bode well for her popularity. We love, love, love watching people rise. But we hate when they get to the top. That's just humanity for you. The fact that she just wrapped up her Catching Fire press tour and will be starting one for American Hustle very soon makes me extremely nervous. How much of her can we handle before we start to tire of her off-the-cuff interviews? For me personally, it's a lot. But for the average person, I don't think it's that much. We like our candid celebrities in small doses. Give us too much at once and we're jaded and over it before you can say, “but she talked to us about pooping her pants.” People in our office actually signed yesterday when it got announced that she'd won the NYFCC award. “Again?” seems to be the common refrain in regards to her potentially winning an Oscar again this year.

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