Pop Culture Parodies, Take Note: Jennifer Lawrence’s Archery Sketch Was Perfectly Hilarious

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Jennifer Lawrence archery sketch MTV Movie Awards Joel McHale Lester BoonshaftJennifer Lawrence couldn't be at the MTV Movie Awards to accept her Golden Popcorn for Best Female, but she was still there in spirit—in this pitch-perfect sketch about archery in Hollywood and “archery expert to the stars” Lester Boonshaft.

Jen and J.J. Abrams were the two celebrity gets, chatting with the cameras about how they'd worked with Lester (Joel McHale looking like he stole a larp costume from Role Models) on films like The Hunger Games and Star Trek. The way J.J. deadpans, “There was a whole Klingon archery subplot” was amazing.

Really, this whole sketch demonstrates how you make a smart little piece of comedy without going overboard. Whoever wrote it chose a relevant topic with multiple examples: Archery in 2011 and 2012's blockbusters. Then they brought on a handful of hot commodities but didn't have them make fools of themselves. The straight-faced humor suited both Jennifer and J.J. because they were able to play off Joel's natural wackiness. It was short and sweet and even a little daring, what with the dick pic and Jen saying “tits.” (Am I the only one who thought that word was still forbidden on TV?)

I'm ready to award this one of my favorite sketches of recent memory, along with “Lazy Sunday” (and, yeah, “Lazy Sunday 2”) and “The Ed Hardy Boyz.”

Photo: MTV