Just A Casual Photo Of Jennifer Lawrence Standing Around In A Wetsuit

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It's becoming uncomfortably clear how lucky Georgia residents are that Catching Fire decided to film there. Because when the stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson aren't filming, they're touring. Yep, just like anyone else who's new to a city, they're spending their free time getting to know it better — and they're doing it while looking like normal people. It's just so refreshing!

From going to haunted houses to going to the movies to going to the Georgia Aquarium, they're leaving no Georgian destination unvisited — and no local Facebook fan page untouched. This week Jennifer Lawrence showed up on the Facebook page of the Georgia Aquarium.

You know, hanging out in a wetsuit, preparing to go swimming with whale sharks and manta rays. Yes, there are creatures in existence who now have spent more time with The Hunger Games star than I have. I knew I'd be noncompeting with humans for the honor of spending an afternoon with her, but never did I think I'd also have to compete with fish. Oh the indignity of being an obsessive fan who can't afford a plane ticket to Georgia!

According to People, Josh Hutcherson, Woody Harrelson and Elizabeth Banks also visited the aquarium — which I think officially makes it the luckiest aquarium in the world. Or