Watch Joshifer Secretly Flirt During This Interview, Immediately Die Of Cuteness

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Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence flirting GIF(via)

You guys, when I first started talking about Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson one day ending up together in the glorious union known as Joshifer, I was mostly kidding. Mostly it seemed like they were just great friends who really liked being around each other, and that made their joint interviews super enjoyable to watch. But at this point, every time I see them together I get a little more convinced that this might actually happen. For real.

You might think I'm crazy, but about thirty seconds after watching the video I'm about to show you, you'll be in total agreement. It's an interview the two of them did with Liam Hemsworth for Mockingjay promo, and the two of them spend pretty much the first couple minutes silently flirting. I don't know if you're familiar with the circle game, but they're secretly playing that while poor old Liam third-wheels in the background.

Basically the idea is, if you can get someone to look at a circle you're making with your forefinger and thumb, you get to punch them. Although as you can see, in this version, if you look at the circle, it seems like the only ‘punishment' is that you get to poke the other person while both parties try not to smile. And fail hard, which is exactly what I'm doing watching it because OMG THIS IS REAL IT'S HAPPENING. This is not a drill. I mean, just look at these GIFs.

Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson playing circle game GIF Mockingjay interview

Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson flirting during Mockingjay interview GIF

BRB spending the rest of the day my life fangirling.

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