Apparently Jennifer Lawrence Forgot To Thank A Spider For Her Oscar Win Last Year

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Just when you thought you'd heard everything you could possibly hear in relation to Jennifer Lawrence “not being like other girls” and whatnot, David O. Russell shared what made him cast her in Silver Linings Playbook (which of course led to her Oscar win and subsequent role in next film, American Hustle), and naturally, it's super weird yet endearing.  Like all things Jennifer Lawrence, apparently.  It seems like her audition for the role was pretty memorable:

“I asked her to cry and she made me cry,” he said, his own eyes filling with tears as he spoke about Lawrence. “She cried, so she went to get a tissue in the bathroom. She went, ‘Ah! There’s a gigantic spider in the bathroom!’ She imitated how the spider went when she tried to attack it. That fascinated me as much as anything else. She was unlike anybody I’d ever seen.”

Did anyone read the last three sentences of that quote in the Will Ferrell/James Lipton voice? “If you ever want to see acting that will make you re-examine your life, acting that will make you see the world for the first time, watch Jennifer Lawrence embody pure perfection in her role as ‘Bathroom Spider.'” I was almost waiting for David O. Russell to describe her as “scrumtrulescent.”  Maybe she used that moment as inspiration for her new Dior campaign?

While it's just another “Jennifer Lawrence is ADORBS” story, it's actually pretty cool that she clearly means so much to him.  In fact, he was so impressed with her Skyped audition (because of course she can get away with Skyping an audition) for American Hustle, he made Harvey Weinstein, King of Hollywood Thank You Speeches, agree to cast her.

“Harvey was very skeptical. I went personally to his office in New York to show him the Skype. I didn’t trust him just looking at it casually himself…within 30 seconds of looking at her I heard him say, ‘Oh my God.’ And I said, ‘Yeah, there you go.’ And that was that.”

While I love Jennifer, I don't think she necessarily deserves to win another Oscar this year. Honestly, I think not winning and then going away for awhile will be the perfect way to keep people loving her as much as David O. Russell clearly does.  I'm not quite “over her” yet, and her overexposure and award show persona hasn't reached Anne Hathaway levels for me personally, but it's gotten dangerously close.  The thing that still makes me love her, however, is that she seems pretty aware of this.  But I think we could all do without another “faceplant/I love eating junk food/photobomb GIF” red carpet moment this year.

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