Jennifer Garner Tells A Story About Her Oscar Dress That’s Scarier Than Any Horror Film

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Jennifer Garner Tells a Story About Her Oscar Dress That s Scarier Than Any Horror Film Jennifer Garner Tonight Show March 2016 jpg

I love looking at celebrities’ gorgeous gowns on the red carpet, but damn do those look uncomfortable to wear. And if Jennifer Garner’s story on The Tonight Show last night is anything to go by, they definitely are. Especially if the dress you’re wearing has a metal corset that’s crushing your ribs. Because that’s what Jennifer had on at the Oscars this year. Well, at least I think she did. She keeps saying she’s kidding about things, so I’m not totally sure what’s true and what isn’t, but what she describes is scarier than anything you watched on TV last Halloween.

Jennifer explains that her “ribs were compressed” in the corset, which Jimmy Fallon mistakenly assumes was like Spanx. I think Jennifer’s response to that assumption tells you everything you need to know about how torturous this thing was: “No, dude, it’s not like that.” She says her ribs and liver had to be moved, and I’m pretty sure she’s joking, but in Hollywood you really never know, do you? Jen says that during the show she “had a panic attack in my ribs” and desperately needed to stand up, but she had to wait until a commercial, because her friend was worried she’d look like she was pulling a Kanye.

Once she stood up and made it backstage, she realized she had to use the bathroom. That involved her friend holding her dress up for her. You know, like drunk girls hold each other’s hair back when they’re vomiting, #BFF. But there were other things to deal with underneath the dress, as Jen had a thong body suit underneath whose clasp was in an awkward position. She doesn’t explicitly reveal whether or not her friend had to help her out in that department, but it sounds like she didn’t have an Alison Brie situation, so hurrah!